The process of real estate management is going in several stages.

Signing a property management contract is one step before the beginning of the property management process

This initial step is mandatory before the real estate management process begins. We conclude a property management contract with you as the owner. It clearly and without ambiguous terms defines the terms of cooperation – the way of reporting, the duration of the contract, liability for breach of obligations.
We provide the right and competent answers to the questions you ask, using the services of qualified professionals in the field of housing law.

Select the proper tenants

At this stage of the property management process, we find suitable and solvent tenants for your property. To do this, we organize an effective advertising campaign for the site to offer it for rent at maximum cost.
It is clear that the professional will not pick the first ones, but will choose decent, solvent and accurate tenants.
First sight determining the social status and solvency of the tenant applicant is quite difficult for a person with no experience in the field. We take care for that and, if necessary, conduct due diligence on the identity of the applicant tenant as well as the relevant organization or company wishing to rent your property. Obviously, if you trust us as a professional, this screening and the selection of candidates in general will save you a lot of worries and problems in the future regarding the complicated relationships that always arise in the unsuccessful choice of a tenant.

Receiving the rental price

Some may say this is the last stage of the real estate management process, but they will be wrong.
Our company ensures timely and accurate receipt of rental payments. We control the constant and strict adherence to the agreed terms of the lease. This ensures that the number of tenants will be in line with the contract; and that it was precisely those individuals or legal entities who signed the contract are the same that moved into the building.

Of course, one of the main requirements of the owner of the property is to take the rent regularly, fairly and on time.

As an additional service we also offer a guaranteed rent payment to the landlord. Here, the owner who entrusted us with the management of his property, thereby saving himself the hassle of paying the rent on a regular basis – because if one of the tenants fails to pay on time or the exact amount of the rent, we pay the owner the full amount by we take care of settling the relationship with the wrong tenant.
In this way, the owner is relieved of all problems and irregularities that arise in the relations with the tenants and they remain our concern, while we commit ourselves to their settlement. As is easily understood, this is an extremely unpleasant problem that we release the owner from. All he has to do is to receive the full amount of the rent and, if he wishes, to check the condition of the property and the conditions for its safety in its various dimensions (security, fire and installation security, etc.).

Organizing regular payment of consumables.

This part of the real estate management process is probably the most important for most of our clients. The management company in our person arranges the payment of the bills for the maintenance of the building / property – for consumed electricity, hot and cold water, security, etc. The great advantage for the owner in this case is that the bills will always be paid accurately and on time without him having the care to settle the matter. By additional agreement with the client, this can even be done at our expense as a management company, committing to collect payment amounts from incorrect payers without disturbing and engaging the owner – thus saving his time and nerves. Upon request, we provide him with all the invoices, receipts, invoices and receipts on which these payments were made. We check the accuracy of payments, control meter readings and submit monthly reports to the owner.

Termination or renewal of the lease

If necessary, we commit ourselves to terminate the relationship with the tenants whose contractual term has expired and the owner of the property wants this for one reason or another.
At the request of the owner, we terminate the contract with the respective tenant and arrange for him to leave the property – or, on the contrary: we prepare a new contract and continue the rental relationship by mutual agreement.

Cleaning the property

Property cleaning is an important part of the property management process. If necessary, we arrange cleaning services, possible repairs, new furniture and decorations after leaving a tenant. We are preparing the premises and the environment for signing a contract with a new tenant and putting it in the agreed premises.

Organizing necessary repairs

We, as a management company, organize small ongoing repairs.
If elements of the plumbing, sewer or electrical system are malfunctioning, if wallpaper is peeled off, or there are other minor irregularities, we arrange for quick and timely troubleshooting.


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