We know how to make a paradise from a property and how to increase your income.

Real Estate Manager organizes the whole process of renting real estate


As professional managers, we protect and maintain your properties in order to keep them in good shape in the future. In addition, we bring the properties in line with current trends for comfort and a modern and stylish look.

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Study on Property

Determination of the quality of the property and its value

Consulting services

Consulting and assistance related to the preparation of the property for rent

Signing a lease contract

Study and selection of tenants. Real choice of tenant, preparation and conclusion of the lease.

Services after the conclusion of the contract

Preparation and signing of the protocol of acceptance. Control over the fulfillment of the obligations under the contract.

Termination of the lease

Assistance in the release of the property and the contractual obligations arising therefrom. Refunding or Withholding.

Maintenance, repair and renovation

Provision of technical support. Identification of exploitation problems and their elimination. Preparation of a project for renovation of the property or its separate premises.

The Property Manager team manages office, residential and mixed-use buildings


Managing a building is a complex process that requires a detailed study of its functions and characteristics. In addition, strict preparation, maintenance and storage of documentation to serve the purpose of organizing work is required.

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Renting a property

Offering the individual objects in the building on the market.

Ensuring operational safety

Technical support and security.

Management of service premises

Parking. Restaurant. Cafe. Shops. Relaxation rooms.


Cleaning. Technical Support.


Monitoring the performance of subcontractors’ obligations.


Preparation and submission of a periodic report on the work done.

Through our partners we provide peace of mind and high profitability for our customers


We implement an effective real estate management strategy that involves working with partners, subcontractors and professionals.

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Building trust

We guarantee our clients professional management of their properties.

Property insurance

Always we advise our clients to insure the immovable and movable property.

Security system

We provide security services and constant video surveillance of the property.

Status check

In bad weather or natural phenomena, we offer on-site inspection and reporting of damage.

Cost optimization

It is an important part of our work and purpose, but we also offer it as a separate, standalone service.


Presentation of the positive qualities of the site and marketing.

Request and order a service

In these four steps, we describe the process of working with the client before getting started.

Ask for a specific service

Receive a response within 24 hours

We determine the price of the service and prepare an offer

Preparation and signing of a contract. Payment.

Our projects

Here you can find information about what most often contact us, the opportunities we offer and how we meet the needs and desires of our clients

Who are we?

Behind RealManager and Real Estate Manager are the names of a lawyer, accountant and marketing specialist whose business partnership has led to the creation of this project for over 5 years.


In our work, we always strive to understand what our clients want so that we can offer them the best solutions. Openness, trust, guarantees, integrity, efficiency, flexibility, speed – these are just some of our principles of work.









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