Renting a house or an apartment – the best option for the owner

As the mobility of the population increases: emigration, living elsewhere, in a cottage, etc., the number of dwellings that remain without inhabitants increases. In this situation, many owners are looking for a way to rent their home while they are living elsewhere – abroad, in another city or, for example, in a village.
Some homeowners prefer to search for tenants on their own in the vast expanses of the internet, thinking that this will save some money. Usually, they are amazed at how complex and difficult is the task of finding suitable tenants. Of course, it can also be offered at the first encounter – but very often in such cases it will appear disappointments, conflicts and complications.
On the other hand, when the homeowner is looking for a suitable tenant for himself or herself, whether on the Internet or in the traditional way – pasting ads, via media, etc., he runs the risk of wasting a lot of time due to the relatively low scope of such search.

We offer you fast, high quality and professional rental, finding the right tenants for you. We then negotiate a bargain rental price, synchronize your requirements with those of the applicant tenants, prepare a rental contract (at your request) with the relevant clauses for possible improvements.

What does a homeowner gain when he entrusts to us for renting a house or an apartment?

First of all: it saves time. Instead of looking for hours, and sometimes for entire days on the Internet, sticking ads on poles and fences, or wandering around the print media, he gets rid of all that care and puts the problem in the hands of professionals.
The risk of encountering inappropriate tenants is always present. It is very difficult for a person not professionally engaged in this activity to predict how the applicant tenants will behave: whether they will be honest, whether they will pay rent and utilities in a timely manner, whether they will be correct in their relations with their neighbors and whether they will be attentive to installations and movable property in the home.
We minimize the potential risks of such contacts.
It should be borne in mind that finding suitable tenants for a home is an activity that requires experience in the field of real estate management and rental in the real estate market. Knowledge of practical psychology is also needed to help determine the profile of a potential candidate.
It is necessary to know that when tenants come to view the apartment, they always try to present themselves in the best light. The bad thing is that the owner sees them in their true appearance – whether positive or negative, only after they have lived in the home for some time. Therefore, our assistance in this regard may provide you with the indispensable service to prevent unwanted relationships with inappropriate tenants.
The unprofessional layman can hardly determine from 1-2 meetings the nature of the person, the level of his intelligence and upbringing. That is why it is best for the homeowner to seek the services of a specialist to save time, energy and, of course, nerves.
Frequently Asked Questions by Homeowners:
1. How much time after contracting with you can I expect to find suitable tenants?
It depends mainly on 2 factors: the price of the rent and the season. If you have set a reasonable rental price and if the season is active (the strongest rental season is autumn), you can count on 1-2 weeks. With a higher rental price and a less active rental season, the term can be up to 1 month.
2. Why should I looking for tenants through an agency and not alone?
– you save a lot of time;
– save effort and energy;
– minimize the risks of unsuitable candidates;
– you can expect that tenant search activities will be carried out by professionals who are interested in negotiating the best terms for you.
3. What is more profitable: to give the whole house to one tenant (or company) or be given separate rooms to individual tenants?
The benefit is almost the same, because summing up the rentals from the individual premises results in approximately the same amount as for the whole apartment given to one person or company. Sometimes there is a slight difference in your favor, but it is always preferable to contact less tenants and preferably one. Then the risks of unwanted conflict situations are minimized.

4. Is it better to rent a furnished or unfurnished home?

    1. Answer:

      It is more profitable to rent a furnished home. Not only because you can slightly raise the price of the rent, but also because there is more demand for such housing and so we shorten the search term for tenants. Most of them prefer to move into a fully furnished home instead of bringing furniture and other furniture with them.



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