Any real estate (property), regardless of its purpose – for residential, office, technical, industrial needs a universal set of supportive measures to ensure that its functions are carried out in accordance with the owner’s goals.
Today, Bulgaria has come close to European practices in servicing, maintaining and securing the functions of different types of properties – the most significant progress in this area is being noticed in Sofia, given the diversity in the forms and purpose of Sofia’s buildings.
The basic thing that the owner has to know is that maintaining is a permanent component in its operation, not just incidental activities. Input costs, however, return repeatedly, ensuring smooth and unhindered property use.
Of course, to maintain the functions of a property, it is necessary to give a technical support. There is quite a variety in the forms and methods of its guaranteed and sustainable operation depending on the type of property and its purpose.


The first thing the new owner usually does after acquiring the property is renovation. In the mass case, this is a relatively major overhaul.
A major overhaul sometimes even involves removing certain elements from the building and inserting new ones (columns, additional walls and partitions, functional elements – permanent podiums, permanent bars and counters, etc.), depending on the purpose. After these major changes, a major overhaul is carried out, which involves repairing and, usually, replacing various types of installations – water, electrical, lighting, radiators, etc., basic cleaning, creating a new design of the premises (with changing wallpaper or painting the walls, installing different types of lighting fixtures, inserting decorative and functional elements, such as fireplaces, etc.).

Partial repair, as its name implies, borrows some activities from the major overhaul. It is used usually when it is necessary to meet certain deadlines in accordance with the need to start its operation at a certain point in time . This usually happens in 2 cases: when the owner has short time, or if he wants to save himself some of the cost of major repairs. But, in any case, the main one is preferable – today it is the most widely used repair in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria when acquiring already existing buildings or parts of such (floors, apartments, separate premises and so on).

Ongoing maintenance

After the furnishing, the next stage in the maintenance of the property begins – the current maintenance. The following can be recommended for larger buildings, even more so for complexes of buildings (for example, gated settlements). It is very appropriate that this stage, which is, of course, the longest, to be entrusted to a company, which deals with the provision of this type of services.

For larger properties, a company can be selected to be entrusted with the tasks of paying the various fees on the property: for consumed electricity, water, heating, renting from tenants, etc.

Thus, the owner, by entrusting these constant cares to the building of a suitably selected contractor, frees up his time for other activities at reasonable cost according to his tastes, desires and preferences.

In Bulgaria, this service is used primarily by owners of larger properties for production and service purposes, but homeowners are already resorting to it – the initial stages of such a trend are noticed mostly in Sofia.


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