What services do we offer as a property manager?

A property manager is the person who commits to the commercial operation of your premises – as a result you will receive regular profit. This is a classic example of the so-called “passive income” that will be provided to you.
Within property management, there is a reasonable difference between the functions of the owner and the property manager.
It is desirable for the owner to find a reliable, qualified and efficient company to look after and protect his interests. Such reliable, qualified and effective care and protection is provided by our Property Managers.
The property manager assumes the management functions, but strategic decisions and overall control remain with the owner.

As a property manager we act on behalf of the owner and, if necessary, make rational proposals to increase income or improve the conditions of the real estate’s use.

What are the main benefits of using the property manager’s services:

– saving time and energy for the owner;
– increasing the competitiveness of the managed property in the real estate market;
– the legal aspect of the operation of the site is in the hands of professionals;
– we closely monitor the condition of the property and do not allow its damage or improper use by the tenants;
– we provide security for the property as part of its management;
– we provide the fire safety of the property as part of its management;
– we ensure the payment of the bills for the property;
– we ensure the normal functioning and regular maintenance of the life insurance installations of the property: water supply, sewerage, electrical, ventilation and air-conditioning installations, security systems, etc.

Basic services offered by a professional property manager

The main services we offer as a property manager are the following:
– creating favorable legal and financial conditions for the owner;
– promotion of the object on the real estate market in order to obtain maximum profit for the owner;
– contacts with insurers and brokers;
– developing and implementing measures to optimize the costs of operating the facility;
– performing maintenance and repair work;
– searching for tenants, negotiating with them, drawing up and registering rental contracts, monitoring compliance with the contracts;
– financial relations;
– Liaison with local and central authorities as needed.

It is very easy for the property owner to entrust the site to a property manager instead of dealing with the tenants alone, selecting reliable candidates for them, drafting contracts, collecting monthly payments, overcoming possible conflicts with neighbors and others.

If you decide to entrust the management of your property to us, this means that all of these problems are entrusted to a professional company that knows the art of how to make all participants in the process happy and their requirements – respected and satisfied.


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