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Professional Apartment Building Manager

More often, the professional apartment building manager and cashier services of a condominium are sought from residential buildings with a large number of separate objects in them. Usually, the more objects and owners in a building / entrance, the more difficult it is to reach consensus on issues regarding condominium ownership. Often, none of the owners wants to take on the responsibility of being a manager and / or cashier. For these reasons the majority of our customers decide to contact us.

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As a professional property manager, our company offers apartment building management services. At the request of the client we also operate as a cashier. For this purpose, we prepare an individual offer for each client, taking into account the number of the apartments and the expanded area in the building. We prepare the necessary documents for our appointment as a apartment building manager / cashier and conclude a contract with the condominium.

In our work we keep in constant contact with the owners, tenants and occupants of the building. We assist in the lawful calling and holding of general meetings on a specific agenda. We execute and control the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly. We represent condominium ownership in its relations with third parties and other local and state authorities. We provide a periodic report and a report on our activities as a apartment building manager and cashier in a condominium.

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