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Our Property Manager offers a free view of the property and a free quote


You can request a free preview and quote via our email address or phone. What do we need? You should provide us: your name and family name, the address of the property, a contact phone and what kind of service you need. You can learn more about some of our real estate management services below.

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Preparing a property for rent (or for sale)

This service includes all the necessary actions that must be performed in the property so it could be offered on the market. These include, for example: cleaning, repair, renovation, refreshment, furnishing and more.

Renting a property


Making the property available on the market. Organization of viewings. Screening and selection of tenants. Preparation and conclusion of the lease.

After renting the property

Preparation and signing of a protocol of acceptance. Control over the fulfillment of contractual obligations. Collection of rent and the cost of utilities (electricity, water, heating, internet and TV, etc.).

Termination of the lease

Assistance for release of the property occurred in this respect obligations under the contract. Refunding or Withholding.

Maintenance, repair and renovation

Provision of technical support. Identification of exploitation problems and their elimination. Preparation of a project for renovation of the property or its separate premises.

Property insurance

We always advise our clients to insure their real estate and movable property. In this way, they can avoid or minimize unforeseen property damage.

Security system

We provide security services and constant video surveillance of the property.

Taking care of the yard

If you have a yard and want to make it an oasis, we will select the right contractors to make it a paradise for relaxation.

Cleaning the pool

Of course, we will take care of your pool so it will be clean and usable throughout the season.


Whether you use your garage or rent it out, the garage also needs care. We offer rental, cleaning, refreshment, door replacement services.


We offer service for representing the owner in relations with the neighbors, when making decisions at the general assembly of the condominium and paying expenses for the common parts of the building.

Declaration of income

Realized real estate rental income has to be declared. We offer assistance in completing and submitting the necessary declarations and documents.

Request and order a service

In these four steps, we describe the process of working with the client before getting started.

Ask for a specific service

Receive a response within 24 hours

We determine the price of the service and prepare an offer

Preparation and signing of a contract. Payment.

Our Projects

Here you can find information about what services we offer and how we meet the needs and desires of our clients

“Property Manager”

We treat each client individually according to their needs. In our work we hold honest and open relationships. We always strive to fulfill our obligations on time and in quality.





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