How we determine the price of our services?

The price is determined specifically for each request and depends on the type of services, their volume and quantity, as well as the term for which the contract is concluded with us. Or, at all, how much this service will cost you depends on what you want your professional manager to do for your property.

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The cost of each of our property management services is determined by several objective features. For example: purpose of the property; condition of the property; location; communicative; dimensions.

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Recent projects

Here you can see the prices of some of our completed projects.

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Request a single additional service

Managing a property is a long process, in which it is important to build good relationships with the client. Besides providing subscription management services of real estate, we offer one-time services to perform a particular action. For example: furnishing a property or even watering the flowers while you’re on summer vacation.

What companies do we partner with?

In order to satisfy every whim of our clients, we select our partners according to their competence, the prices they offer and the deadline for completing the work.

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Send us your inquiry. The more information you give us about a particular property, the faster and easier you will be able to get a quote from us.

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