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We respond quickly to our inquiries. In order to be as useful as possible, it is advisable to provide basic information about the business, how many and what properties will be managed, how many and what premises are in each property and building. So we can determine the necessary material and human resources for the smooth conduct of the process of property management and prepare an offer. Below you can see some of our real estate management activities.

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Property file

Whenever it comes to managing large estates or outnumber properties, it is necessary to be stored and summarized the basic documents on movable and immovable property. In this way, we build a management system that informs us of upcoming events and actions that need to be done to meet deadlines and organize them.


Of course, when it comes to a building, a gated complex or a larger property, it is important to provide live security to control access to them. Appropriate equipment, such as an alarm system and CCTV, should be provided to counter any possible burglary or other violations, as well as compliance with the internal order. For this purpose the use of a security company services are necessary.


An important part of the property management is to ensure good hygiene and a healthy environment for users. The frequency of cleaning should be determined on the basis of daily human flow. For these actions, employees may be appointed to perform the functions or to be contracted with an external company, depending on the specific wishes and needs of the site.


To ensure high returns on real estate, the maximum available capacity should be used. This ensures high efficiency and return on investment. Maintaining the good conditions and vision of the property is a prerequisite for finding and retaining for a longer period of tenants. A provision of additional facilities is key to increase rental income for the owner.


In carrying out the property management, our company maintains a high level of control over the fulfillment of the contractual commitments. All deadlines are strictly followed, notifications are submitted. Owner reports are regularly provided to ensure transparency in the performance of managerial functions.

Technical Support

Technical support is crucial to the full implementation properties of each object. For this purpose, the proper functioning and operation of the air-conditioning and heating systems, plumbing and electrical installation, internet network and equipment are monitored. Of course, it is important to provide coffee machines, office equipment, and sometimes fitness equipment.

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In these four steps, we describe the process of working with the client before getting started.

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Receive a response within 24 hours

We determine the price of the service and prepare an offer

Preparation and signing of a contract. Payment.

Real Estate Manager

The main activity of our company is property management. The larger objects a client has or the more he has, the more it becomes more difficult for him to handle the business of managing and managing them. That is why we follow many principles in our work and set goals in order to be the best real estate manager in Bulgaria.

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