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Professional condominium management

Today, there are many problems with condominium ownership, but the problem of finding enthusiasts among neighbors to become managers is growing. Therefore, the services of a professional apartament building manager are increasingly sought after. This avoids and solves many of the problems in condominium. Property Manager performs all the functions of a professional homeowner, you can find some of them below.

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General Meetings

As a professional apartment building managers, we make sure to convene and hold the legally required annual general meeting, as well as emergency meetings, to resolve any issues that may arise.


The Property Manager fulfills all the tasks assigned by the condominium owners.

Collect charges

Collecting monthly payments for the cost of management and maintenance of common areas and for the “repair and renewal” fund.

Internal Rules

Our company prepares and proposes at the General Assembly the adoption of the Rules of Internal Order, as well as amendments thereto. We monitor its compliance and if we violate its provisions we propose a vote to sanction the offender.

Document storage

Part of our job as a professional home manager is to keep a record for each of our clients. For this reason, the following documents are stored with us: condominium documents, record book, building plans and executive drawings, inbound and outbound correspondence book, technical passport of the building, income and expense ledger and other available documents .

Preparation of an annual budget

The Property Manager prepares an annual budget, according to the law, a plan for spending the funds for repairs and reconstructions and reports on their implementation. Preparation of the activity report, which is presented to the General Assembly.

Request and order a service

In these four steps, we describe the process of working with the client before getting started.

Request a specific service

Receive a response within 24 hours

We determine the price of the service and prepare an offer

Preparation and signing of a contract. Payment.

Apartment Building Manager


Being a professional apartment building manager is our responsibility. Therefore, we implement strictly the condominium decisions. We monitor compliance with internal rules and regulations and take action in the event of violations. In addition, we make sure that condominium ownership is maintained and periodically refreshed and updated to make it comfortable for its occupants.

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