What are the advantages of the Property Management Services?

The service technology that we use gives us a number of advantages to our property management services. It should be borne in mind that this applies not only to relatively small-sized dwellings – but also, in particular, to larger-scale property such as an industrial or service building that the owner wants to rent: a workshop or other production facility, cafe, restaurant or diner, hotel building; as well as a neighborhood or gated community in case that it has such a terrain or owns a completed property of a similar nature.
It is clear that servicing such large-scale sites and areas is difficult to manage by one person, since specialized knowledge of a wide variety of nature is required for this purpose: legal, technical, technological, special, in the field of physical , electronic and video security, fire safety, plumbing and sewerage facilities, elevator service and more.
This means that, instead of being the full owner of the property, terrain, building or flats, he or she will essentially have to be a slave of that property without leaving time for anything else. The owner, who has decided to run a larger property on his own by renting it out, should bear in mind that this management does not imply weekends. Systems, installations, cleaning must be checked and monitored daily because it is enough to ignore, for example, fire safety, for one day, to get into complications or, God forbid, an accident with unpredictable, even fatal consequences.
Otherwise: By entrusting his real estate to a management company, the owner releases himself from all these care by using his spare time for his own, personal purposes and intentions. This gives a number of advantages to property management services.

Our management standards provide owners with a stable income, transparent reporting and guarantee full security of their assets.

Rationality and efficiency as advantages of the Property Management Services

One of the main goals we have in managing our entrusted real estate is its economic exploitation. The reason is that when investing excessively large amounts of money to maintain it, standard functioning is actually achieved – but of course, to achieve such a normal result at abnormally high costs is neither a rational nor a cost-effective approach.

Real estate management contract as one of the advantages of the Property Management Services

The signing of the contract legalizes our services and gives the owner the peace and confidence that his rights and benefits are securely protected and guaranteed. The contract specifies all the details that the owner wants to take into account when managing his property.
After the signing of the contract, it is only for the owner to expect the first results from it in the form of receiving the corresponding sums from the rent of the leased space and premises. If he so wishes, he may also exercise control over the proper functioning of the systems and installations within the building (s) and the adjoining territories, as this right is explicitly enshrined in the text of the contract.

The results of this control can be fixed in special protocols, explicitly noting the wishes, recommendations and intentions of the owner with specified deadlines for their implementation.


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