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How to contact us?

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About us 1

ЗА “RealManager”

One of RealManager’s activities is as a professional real estate manager. The trade name of the company is “Manager Imoti” Ltd. The company mainly offers the following services: rental of residential, non-residential properties, premises and premises in buildings, as well as organizing regular maintenance, security and management in one property, professional condominium homeowner. In addition, RealManager offers accounting and marketing services to ensure that its clients receive the maximum return on their own properties.


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Our services

Our company is committed to offering the highest quality services. Therefore, in our work we rely on our experts and specialists, as well as on external contractors, with the help of which we fulfill the client’s task professionally.

Where to find us?

You can email us, give us a phone call, or use Viber to call a service or just ask for information

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25th Tzar Boris III boulevard, Sofia, Bulgaria

About us 2

Our mission

RealManager was created with the idea to provide a high standard of real estate management services.

Our mission is to encourage owners to care for and maintain their own properties.

RealManager’s Vision

We are a new, different, innovative, socially responsible company, with principles and standards for our work.

We strive to provide services of uncompromising quality, value precision and loyalty, as well as a high level of service to our customers.


Our goal – we always strive to fulfill the wishes of our clients by fulfilling our obligations according to their tasks.

Public benefit – reducing the number of abandoned properties and buildings in Bulgaria.


Our tasks are: to be useful to our customers to be 100% effective in performing our duties and increase the profitability of our clients’ real estate.